The importance of the Arabic language

Arabic is a very important language as it is massively/heavily associated with Islam. The Holy Qu’ran is written in Arabic. Also, many Dua’s, Dhikr are written in Arabic. It is very important for a Muslim to learn Arabic, read Arabic, pronouncing Arabic words/letters, and understanding the meaning. Also Salaah is performed and read in Arabic, so Muslims need to know Arabic. Arabic is used as a form of Arabic, and many phrases Muslims use are written in Arabic. For example “assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh” – this is translated in English to “Peace be upon you and Allah SWT mercy and blessings.” The Arabic language can be translated into many languages across the world. It is good to read Arabic and to have the Arabic meaning translated, which helps Muslims to learn but also to understand. Overall, Arabic is a very important for Muslims and Islam, as there are many benefits and uses

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